Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Grab And Go Lip Balm Mint Review

Ok so, I have had pretty DRY lips recently,
So why not do  Grab And Go Lip Care- Mint flavour lip balm as  a review,
First of, all the scent, It  smells of glacier mints :P I love them to eat and I.. actually like the smell of it :)
It says on the packet that it Gently moisturizes and nourishes dry lips, which it does! I have just used it about 15 minutes ago and it is still  on my lips, my lips are not dry :D Having used previous lipbalms, like these ones:
Which are the anna, elsa and olaf frozen ones (not so moisturizing)
and a shimmer lip balm with ariel (from a pound store), speaking of using them, they are NOT as good as the new one!
Ok, so that's it ;) 
I'm really enjoying blogging, i reccomend it! You should try it :)


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