Monday, 12 October 2015

My typical.... Monday.? (Im not doing this forever lol)

So I wake up early (NOO) for school. I get dressed and brush my teeth. I play on my iPod and kindle.

Then  I go to school :( . I do my typical stuff. Schofield and Sims, spelling.
Then break comes up. I usually play with my BFF(s) but my friend Farrah wasn't in.

When back in maths.
Then lunch
Then handwriting.
Sentence work..
reading and..

Hometime- Pick dad up from work.
Come back home to get violin
Go to another school to play violin.

Comes home at six.
Has tea.
Then does random stuff. Mainly go on my laptop

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Welcome to ArtyPurr!
Here I will do mainly crafts and sometimes reviews. Maybe other things.
and of course

Your's sincerely  ArtyPurr (may)